Sunday, December 6

Heel Candies- One for you, One for me!

Hmmmm... lots of you have asked me about my shoes and I was brainstorming smart ways to fit it all in one photo.  The ideas ranged from bringing it to a showroom and do like a guerilla shooting or dumping it in one bucket and let you distinguish what's what yourself.  But then, I realised that I had boots, flats, oxfords and sneaker-heels.  So.... I decided to show you my recent favorites of heels.  :)

Top Row: All Francesca Mambrini, my absolute favorite brand! Yay!
Bottom Row (left to right): RAS booties, Aldo heels (a fav), As known as rue wedges, Francesca Mambrini platforms

I am somewhat a bit embarassed to say that this photo is a a descriptive picture of what is my current obsession: Wedges.  Aside from one pair of BCBG Girls heels, the rest are wedges.....!!! They are the great invention made to mankind.  Especially for someone like me who spends a lot of my day on my feet, these are a god send.  H&M shoes are a cheap indulgence for crazy shoes I would wear once and not wear again.  Recently though, they have been on point about everything comfortable and pretty!

Top Row: H&M wedges, BCBG Girls oxford heels, Street Couture wedges, H&M wedges
Bottom Row: Street Couture wedges, Street Couture wedges, H&M wedges, Street Couture wedges

My Challenge for you: Tell me which pair of my shoes you like. 
Take a photo of what you would wear with it. (No need to take picture of shoes... just show me what you would wear with the shoes!)
The crazier the better!
And the best outfit gets a gift from me.  :)

Happy Shoe Day!