Friday, December 4

Looking at things through smoggy eyes

Wearing: Burberry trench, Jimmy Choo purse, Aldo platform heels

In the last week, I have been presented with a wonderful opportunity, something that requires to test my patience, dedication and endurance.  It is with the help of wonderful people who have gave me the opportunities to make it where I am today.  There are days where I doubt myself, but these are the days where I am clearer of true friends and supporters. 

Got this e-mail today from someone who never questioned and was always supportive:
"Out of all the people I have met over the last 2 years, you stand out as 1 big huge ball of happy positive energy. You are, without any doubt, the only person that in good and bad has kept her head up and went ahead and performed exactly the way you promised.
You are awesome."

Thank you....

Say hi to the World's most expensive perfume.  It looks so expensive.  It is expensive.  It's like the most expensive scented water you have ever laid eyes on.  It's will mold with your sweat and turn it into gold flakes that you can sew to people with weird fetishes.  Sorry, been watching a lot of House, he is hot.  Love sarcastic men. 

How many Valeries would you want in the same room?  I don't think anyone could put up with too much of me, especially when I start talking like Dr. House all the time.  Actually, I may sound like I am talking gibberish, but anyone know that teleseries House?