Thursday, August 27

Hard colored-candy flowers

Facing anorexic models each day, I sometimes feel the equivalent of a baby elephant. I think in many ways we bear some similarities. Big trunks, umm... big trunks... but the point is, I sometimes need the constant reassurance of my male friends to tell me that I am not obese, overweight and completely and utterly disgusting. So when they say , "oooh, you look so skinny, I am like uh-huh, whatever, I don't believe you.

Yet, I think yesterday was the day I hit omg OBESE. Went to two buffets. Feel absolutely sick. Going to purge on a diet for 3 weeks.

Going to Annie Lee's new hand bag thing in causeway bay later!


Wearing KD romper and bangles, Cotton On Gaga Glasses, Zara Studded belt, Francesca Miambrini Shoes.