Monday, August 24

Being Picture-Friendly

When I first started doing fashion a couple years ago, I was amazed that how perfect looking these models tended to be. Years on, I was still surprised at the silky perfect skin and dole-look appearance of the models. I think to myself, they are models, of course they are pretty. It's only after working behind-the-scenes of fashion and beauty shoots, did I realise the secret behind that flawless look.

As a fashion editor, what I want to see more of in pictures is personality. Not camera personality or how good you look in pictures, but a strong sense of individual style and voice. Quite often, it is capturing those moments which makes those pictures press worthy.
Some of us have friends who, no matter what, look great on camera. Yet, I am a firm believer that everyone can be, as well. These are a couple tips of the trade:

  • If you can't hold a pose for more than 10 seconds, it obviously means that it won't translate to natural in the camera.

  • Always remember that cameras capture a picture of what it sees, AS IS, it won't change anything. So constantly be aware of everything around you. Standing up straight can make a huge difference.

  • Know yourself. If you feel you have flabby arms, avoid putting them by your side in pictures. Instead, opt to have your hands placed on your hips for an angular effect. Or if you have big thighs, either stand with your legs in a wide stance or demurely crossed in front.

  • To get that look of "surprise and innocence", train yourself to look down and then look up right before the shutter clicks.

More often than not, we wish to place or best foot forward to every sense. Some of these tips are hard to master at first. But just think, pictures last forever...

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