Wednesday, October 13


Sometimes, things happen so fast and unexpected that you never thought that one day it will be over.
As the day I have been preparing for the past couple months draws nearer, the stress and pressure surprisingly helped me with making decisions I thought I would not and could not be able to make.  While planning, managing and executing is physically draining... thinking, reflection and caring is mentally draining.  I have been faced with difficult decisions, trying to distinguish the right from seemingly right and wrong from seemingly wrong.  So, I comfort myself with, "If I am able to reflect on every decision and say that I made the right choice, that was the appropriate thing to do at that time."

What was the saying?
There are friends who will ride the limos with you but it's the real friend who will ride the city bus with you.

In real life? There are those friends who you thought would ride the bus with you but all along, yet it was only in your mind.  But then, it's the true test of friendship when your friend offers to pay your bus ride as well. 
I know who. You know who.

In this time, I have learnt more about my friends, made lots of new ones, revived old ones and sadly, lost a couple.  But, there is one thing I have learnt from organizing this upcoming event: When the going goes tough, look no further than to the people who helped get you there. 

From my heart, thank you to my friends who extended a helping hand.
To those who proved otherwise, thank you for making those real ones stand out.

Love, Valerie

有时候, 事情发生的很快和在意料之外你丛没想过有一天会完结.
当过去几个月的准备时间渐渐逼近, 其压力惊奇地帮助我做我以为自己不会做也不能做的决定.  在筹备的工作不断劳役自己的同时... 思考, 反省和关心也在劳役自己的精神.  我曾面对困难的决定, 试图丛看起来对和错分辨出真的对和错.  于是, 我安慰自己, "如果我可以反省每个决定而说我做了对的决定, 那就是当时最适当的决定."


现实中? 你以为有些朋友会陪你坐公共汽车但一直以来, 都只是在你脑海里.  但同时, 会请你坐公共汽车的朋友也是友谊的考验. 
我知道是谁. 你知道是谁.

在这段时间里, 我认识我的朋友更深了, 认识很多新的, 重新跟旧的朋友联络而且不幸地, 失去了几个朋友.  但是, 从筹备这个项目学到一件事: 当事情变得艰难, 不要看多于曾经帮过你的人. 

从心底, 谢谢帮助过我的朋友.
对于那些被证明了非我的朋友, 谢谢你门让真正的朋友更明确.

Love, Valerie