Wednesday, October 13


Sometimes you get coerced into difficult positions and environments.

On a daily basis, I go to work and try my best to fulfill my role.  After some time, what I do will be easy and second nature for me.  So much so, that I forget really what my primary role was and how I felt in and aid the company.  Same in real life, I forget how my part in the game of life.

Sometimes, it could be the impossibility of playing the smallest part in each situation but end up being the keenest observer in every situation.
Or it can be being the protagonist of the story to only realize later on the moral has shifted to the antagonist. 

In the grand scheme of things, losing hold of that position is a swift tumble down that hole.
The hole of personal doubt and criticism.
In the sea of shining stars, do you spot me?


每天, 我去上班和尽力工作.  渐渐地, 我的职责变得容易变了我第二个天职.  久而久之, 我真的忘了我本来的职责和我的感受和辅助公司.  同样的在生活里, 我忘了我的角色.

有时候, 做情况里最小的角色但结果变成每个情况里最好的观察者是不可能的.

在事情的大前提, 在那个位置站不稳就会导致快速堕进那个洞里.
在星星闪闪发亮的海里, 你看到我吗?