Wednesday, May 5

RAFW: Kate Sylvester, Manning Cartell & Phos Phoro

My first show at RAFW- Kate Sylvester.
Was a good first show with Marni-ish platforms, Tsumori-ish drapery with a dash of australian cool.
I almost freaked out when I saw the sock garters.

我在RAFW的第一个秀- Kate Sylvester

Heard lots of people say great things about Manning Cartell.  There were lots of pieces I liked in there, mostly the shredded, simpler-looking cotton ones.  The collection was a bit too big and distracting, no real consistent theme.  And watched from afar as Susie Bubble deals with adoring fans.

听过很多人赞美Manning Cartell的话。秀里有很多我喜欢的作品,大多是破布,感觉比较简洁的。那系列有点太大有点让人分神,缺一个一致的主题。还有从远距离看Susie Bubble怎样应付崇拜她的粉丝。

Spotted my favorite model of the day at the Phos Phoro show.  She has really blonde hair with super black eyebrows and a really wistful look about her.

That's all for now... super tired..

这是在Phos Phoro秀里我最喜欢的模特儿。她有一头金发,非常黑的眉和一种很憧憬的眼神。