Thursday, May 6

Second day at Fashion Week

Wearing: Arnsdoft cape, Vivienne Tam heels, Jimmy Choo tote, Project Eyewear sunnies
Location: Sydney, Australia
穿着:Arnsdoft斗篷,Vivienne Tam高跟鞋,Jimmy Choo手提包,Project Eyewear墨镜

Second day and I am already feeling super tired.  Lots and lots of shows and more importantly, lots of delays, which means lots of standing around waiting.  Surprisingly, it's getting very cachilly, Seattle-ish weather which makes me miss home a lot....


Love these dainty little street in the suburbs.  Had coffee at a coffee shop down the road and just wanted to sit in the sun forever! I am too tired to post about the shows I saw and sort through all the photos of things I took that I liked.  So... I will do that tomorrow after I have seen even MORE. :)


P.S. These amazing sunglasses saved my lifet, the sun is GLARING in Australia.
It's beautiful!

Need sleep.... 

P.S. 这奇妙的墨镜救了我一命,澳洲的阳光猛烈得很。很漂亮!