Wednesday, May 5

First day at Australian Fashion Week

Wearing: Izzue cape jacket, Zara top, random high-waisted pants, Aldo heels, Jimmy Choo bag
穿着:Izzue斗篷夹克,Zara上衣,高腰裤子,Aldo高跟鞋,Jimmy Choo包包

While I was on the flight, I positively could not sleep, was staring at the computer screen for 8 hours.  Arrived in Sydney feeling ruined and generally bad until I had a shower and hit the Australian Fashion Week.  Started early for the first show and as the day progress, the tired-ness started really sinking in.


Love the landscape...
So peaceful..


Being in a city that feels so familiar to being home is so much fun.
I am liking Sydney so far.