Saturday, May 1

Lancel, Russh & fellow bloggers

All: Valerie and Cindy, ph from Cindiddy
以上所有:Valerie和Cindy,Cindiddy 照片

Wearing: Per Me roll up tee and cape-ish mini jacket, random taiwan market skirt, Doc Martens
穿着:Per Me卷袖衬衫和斗篷般的迷你夹克,台湾某市场买的裙子,Doc Martens


Lancel, a luxury leather bag company from France, has this sort of historic bags of the year icon showcase.  At least that's what I thought they were trying to do.  While I thought their past designs were more creative and modern than their current ones, I was more distracted with meeting fellow bloggers, Cindy and DeniseNote to Lancel: If you want more people to buy your bags, please keep your designs from the 1960's.  After chatting at the wedding-worthy 1881 Heritage venue, we progressed to this sea-side restaurant for some Russh reading and gossip.  (Russh is so hard to find in Hong Kong, I had to beg the cashier to give me her last copy.)

Had loads of fun, and excuse the bad hair day.  

一个法国名贵皮包品牌Lancel在年度图标展览里有这样历史悠久的皮包。至少这是我觉得他们试着达成的事情。我在想他们以前的设计比现在的有创意的同时,跟博客们CindyDenise的共聚让我分心了!Lancel的小信息:如果你希望有多些买家,请保留你们在60年代的设计师。在适合举行婚礼的1881 Heritage聊了一会儿之后,我们去了海边的餐厅看Russh和八卦了一下。(Russh在香港很难找,我哀求收银员把她最后的一本给我。)