Thursday, April 29

Socks at a fashion show

Went to SS2010 Luisa Cerano show today at the Grand Hyatt and while I do love fashion, I love nice serene hotel pools more, which was where the show was located.  So while sipping orange juice and watching models with a slanty walk and an alarmingly depressed expression, I nearly choked on my drink when I saw this outfit.  I remember scrambling to my press release to check the price of this outfit, around USD$100,000.  Before the "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?", it's made of mother-of-pearl, hand-woven and everything expensive.  What I was more impressed though was the socks! Brilliant idea.  With Alexander Wang and Proenza Schouler showing off thigh-high socks in their Fall/Winter 2010 collection, I expected to see this footwear item spring up.  Yet, this is the most impressive version I have seen yet! 

Putting pearls on these socks just made it all the more dainty and ladylike, yet very contempory.  By using a material known for it's classic natural, clusters of pearls and randomly scattered ones just make it whimsical and endearing.  I think this is the first time I have seen someone on the runway and go, "wow, I really want that."  Still, if anyone is up for a DIY, grab some pearl and a pair of thigh-highs?

今天去了在君悦大酒店举行的SS2010 Luisa Cerano秀,我爱时装的同时,我更爱酒店里清澈的游泳池,刚好就是这场秀的地点。于是在喝橙汁和看模特儿面带消沉的表情斜线地走的时候,看到这套衣服我差点呛噎到。我记得查这套衣服的价钱,大概十万美元。在你大吃一惊之前,这套衣服是用珍珠母,手编的和很多昂贵的材料做成的。不过让我更叹为观止的是那双袜子!杰出的想法。加上Alexander WangProenza Schouler在他们的2010秋冬系列展示高至大腿的袜子,我预料春季开始会看到这鞋类的商品。至今,这是我觉得印象最深刻的!


Kuati Cotton thigh-high socks
Kuati 绵质大腿袜子

This last winter season, everyone was rushing for the thigh-high boots, yet these socks are the cheaper version of trying out this look.  Imagine paying for a new pair of boots versus a new pair of socks? When I was searching for "thigh-high socks" options, I stumbled onto this lovely website which had loads of lovely selections.  I ventured off into the lingerie section and want this, the photo isn't very PG-13 friendly.


Proenza Schouler Fall/Winter 2010
Proenza Schouler 2010 秋冬

Some things I have discovered after lots of thigh-high socks...
- Can be quite 'unsavoury' if it isn't balanced very well.  Think if exposed so much leg, cover more on top.
- While boots can mold your leg into a certain shape, your leg molds the socks.  Try and stick to less clingy fabric to avoid the muffin-top equivalent to your leg.
-Models have long legs and walk on catwalks, so they can pull the socks to mid-thigh.  We live in the real world so we should pull to a little above the knee cap.
- Sheerer fabrics like silk can help make legs look longer while more solid colors make the leg look, well... more solid. 

That being said, my favorite thing to do?
Wear them with clogs.


- 如果没有调解得很好会变得有点效果不佳。想象如果露出太多腿,就上身穿多一些。
- 靴子可以帮腿造型,而腿帮袜子造型。可以试试选一些不紧贴的布料去避免腿看起来像一个蛋糕一样蓬蓬的。
- 模特儿腿很长,走在天桥上,所以可以把袜子拉到大腿中间的高度。我们住在真实的世界里,所以我们应该只拉到膝盖上面一点而已。
- 透明的布料像丝可以让退看起来修长一点,素色的则可以让退看起来。。。就素一点吧。