Tuesday, April 27


Wearing: Parcel Radio tote, O.O.D tunic dress, H&M bangles
穿着:Parcel Radio手提包,O.O.D束腰裙子,H&M手镯

I do not have a compulsive phone disorder contrary to the blackberry and i-phone action.  Went to watch Agora today and was shocked at how the movie turned out.  I have this habit of going to the cinema and randomly selecting a movie without reading the synosis.  I enjoy not knowing how the movie goes and paying attention to the plot of the story.  I can usually tell the genre of the movie with the movie posters.  Except for this one, it was a bit depresssing when I thought it would be a love story.  Apparently, I was so wrong. 

It's not the first time I have been wrong.
You know how when sometimes you are so sure of something, you get caught off-guard when you are proven otherwise. 
A pleasantly horrid feeling...