Wednesday, April 28

Looking forward

Upcoming RAFW shows: Miss Unkon, Hussy, Ellery
即将来临的RAFW: Miss Unkon, Hussy, Ellery

Several designers I am looking forward to seeing at Fashion Week in Sydney next week.  I spoke to my regional assistant, someone who is in charge of looking after my RSVPs and administrative stuff, and she was telling me all the shows I was invited to.  So I sat down and did the unthinkable, crossed off designers who didn't interest me much because I don't have the time to see all of them.  :(  In between external interviews and travelling to a city I have never been to before, there must be a compromise.  Yet, I am very excited because I feel that Australian and New Zealand designers are on the verge of something very exciting: creating real and accessible fashion for everyone.  Now... that's hard.


What I am more excited to see is the new Ksubi show, it's been a couple years since they had a show and hopefully despite new investors, they will stick true to the artistic vision which made Ksubi so Australian.  They have the closing show this fashion week, am very interested to see what they are coming back with.


Me & the Ksubi boys 2008

These guys were the first Australian designers I interviewed.
Their drive for fashion was bringing what was essentially Australian and fun to a way of lifestyle. 

RAFW will be fun and stress-free.
I have great hosts and great friends.  Only problem I am worrying about is, what do I wear?