Monday, April 26

Valerie in Wonderland

Wearing: Twelve by 12 chiffon dress, Chanel necklace

穿着:Twelve by 12纺纱裙子,Chanel项链

I had the perfect day today, started out early and went to the cinemas with a good friend.  We went to watch Alice in Wonderland 3D.  Yes, a little late on the band wagon since everyone was raving about it weeks before.  I finally had the time today to plop myself in the comfy cushion seats to appreciate the artistic talent of Tim Burton.  I like it, the whimsical nature of applying fantasy into real life world- integrating ideas of personal identification and self realization, usually associated as a rather "grown-up" problem.  Then again, fairy tales are just reflections of an attempt to simplfied real life into children-like understandable terms.

今天,我过了完美的一天,早上跟一个好朋友去了看电影。我们看了爱丽丝梦游仙境3D。对,有点迟因为大家都在数星期前对这部电影很雀跃。我终于有空坐在舒服的沙发座上欣赏Tim Burton的艺术才华。我喜欢,把幻想加到现实里怪诞的性质-结合个人身份和个人认知的概念,通常联合成一个满成年人的问题。可是那样的话,童话故事就只是试图把真实生活简化成儿童能够了解的反映而已。

I walked out thinking that I felt like Alice in Wonderland.  Except it's closely to the lines of Valerie in Real-land.  Instead of talking flowers and mist-moving cheshire cats, it's...

- I look like two different people with and without the use of make-up.  Undistinguishable and Magic.
- Boys talk in ABC but really mean CBA.
- Daily, I take 15 multi-vitamins to make me healthy, but I sleep at 3 am every night.

- ABC却想说CBA的男孩子。

My beloved readers, thanks for your emails regarding my down spirits.
I will get better...