Tuesday, April 20

Walking away

As a working member in the fashion journalism industry, I hear comments about the growing differing form of social media.  I listen to people talk about the growing influence of mass marketing and how that affects and impacts the fashion world.  It seems like these days, anyone and everyone can have an opinion about fashion.  While I was shopping with my mum the other day, she said something along the lines of , "There are no real trends anymore."  While some may disagree, I can generally agree that it's true.  While some of us are up to date with the lastest high-waisted and beige color pallete trend, many others are happily content with their perception of beauty and what looks good to them. 

And that got me thinking.  I have been able to look at fashion for years imparitially, knowing what looks good and what looks bad.  I don't get sucked into the hype of different ideas or specific trends.  Some of you can tell, I don't dress too crazily loving comfort and ease rather than "look-at-me outfits".  That's what fashion is to me, learning how to live with my body, have fun and look good.



So, why can I view aesthetics objectively and yet, not be able to do it with the emotional situations I am placed in?  After weeks of thinking and running around in circles, I got the answer.  I never gave myself time to think about what I really wanted and only really listened to what other's wanted.  If I was to get any where I want to be this time, I would have to know what I want first.  Is 7 days a good time frame?

Yes, it is. 
Day 7- Feeling pensive.