Wednesday, April 21

Dancing on air

Me and my boyfriend who never argues and never makes me cry...
I have been sick for the past week, hacking up blood and everything attractive.  Been living in comfy clothes and hats to cover bed head.  I finally feel good enough to pick up the phone and reply to people who feared I had died in my bed.  Apologies for the morbid thoughts.  I have been thinking a lot about what I want.  After all, this was what the "7-day-journey-to-discover-what-you-want" was about.  I needed to know what I wanted before I asked anything from others.  Seems really simple, but I ended up with a lot of "I don't know"s.  Frustrating, it seems much easier to rely on someone elses feelings. 

On a happier note, Australian Fashion Week.  Yipee.


Christian Louboutin at his desk

在他桌上的Christian Louboutin

Shuffled through older emails and found this awesome video of Christian Louboutin dancing in his own shoes.  I am aware that it's pretty older but what can I say? I love ignoring emails.  I usually do that skim reading of titles and think it's not that important and think "I will read it later", and then never get around to it.... Does anyone do that?

翻阅旧电邮的时候找到Christian Louboutin在跳舞这很棒的短片。我知道是满久之前的,但是我可以说些什么呢?我常常不看电邮。我通常都撇过电邮的标题,想着这不太重要,想“我待会才看”,然后永远都不会打开这个电邮。。。有人会这样做吗?

Day 6: What I want to say to you but can't say?
I don't understand how you feel.  Can you just tell me?