Thursday, April 15

SS2010 Matthew Campbell Laurenza

SS2010 Matthew Campbell Laurenza ring


Went to Toppy Fashion show today and thought it was an utter waste of my time.  It was ugly dresses with the occasional good shoe. (Sorry Toppy!) Be warned that I am really really really sick, like coughing up blood sick, so anything borderline average is just plain bad.  Until I opened my inbox of overflowing mail and saw the press release for the SS2010 Matthew Campbell Laurenza collection.  Everyone knows my obsession with statement, bling-a-licious rings. 

I think I found my new obsession: gothic-luxe morbid inspired tiger heads with some playful color on my finger.
I think I feel better.  Going to go overdose on pain killers now.

今天出席了Toppy时装秀,觉得完全浪费了我的时间。裙子都很丑,只有几双鞋子好看。(对不起,Toppy!)要知道我很病,病得非常严重,所以任何不是很突出的东西在我眼里都变得难看。直到我开了满是邮件的收件箱,看到SS2010 Matthew Campbell Laurenza系列的发表报道。大家都知道我对闪闪发亮的戒指的狂热。