Wednesday, April 14

Flashing the press pass

First press pass

Years later, I found my press pass.  The first one I officially had and thought I lost.  It was a great feeling to see how far I have come.  Starting out as an investigative reporter for the education department, I have crawled myway upwards to fashion editor status.  No easy feat, but I can say that I made it. 

I constantly ask myself what I want next.  I think I know what I want, but I am not exactly sure if I want them for the right reason.  That's okay though, it's normal to be uncertain of the future.  Regardless, I will do everything the same way and open my heart.  I have been feeling grumpy these days, unsure of what to do and what I want, hoping that someone will point the way.  I know the answer though... that no one can help me better than me. 

So it's me against the world.
One day, me & you.