Thursday, April 8

The One

The final chapter

I am on my last chapter of my book, yes the chapter I have been rewriting over and over, but I need your help.  I have realized over the course of the past few months that the best insights I have gotten come from other people, because we all have different views towards the idea of love.  So, I call this "The One" Movement. 

Treat it was a fun excercise to better understand yourself or what you want for love. 
Get a piece of paper and answer two questions:

1) What does 'The One' mean to you?
2) How do you know you have meet the one?

Once that's done, send me an email at to ask for a mailing address.
Be aware that anything sent in could be used as a direct scanning for my book. So, you can choose to remain anonymous, but I would prefer it if you kept your name there. 

Thanks for your help.








- Pinky nude nails with galaxy surreal rings, gifts from my mom.
- Make-up staples: Japanese eyeshadow makes my eyes sparkle and Sephora 'I will Survive' spray keeps my make-up industrial strength.
-My doodles with lots of colors, what I do when I am inspired.
- Newest addition, vintage prada snake-skin tote. Beautiful.
- It's special someone's birthday today... You are the brightest star in the room.

- 粉红裸色指甲搭配妈妈送的星系戒指。
- 化妆必需品:日系眼影让我的眼睛闪亮起来和Sephora ‘I will Survive’ 喷雾提高我的妆的持久力。
 - 我很多颜色的水笔,有灵感的时候会做的事情。
- 最新的版本,全盛年期的prada蛇皮包。很美。
- 今天是一个特别的人的生日。。。你是房间里最耀眼的星星。

Love, Valerie