Thursday, April 8

Harsh Lights

Wearing: Oliver Goldsmith frames, Volcom clutch, YSL x Elle tee, random satin dress and gypsy gown

穿着:Oliver Goldsmith眼镜,Volcom手提包,YSL x Elle衬衫,缎子裙和吉普赛长袍

I was at home the whole day staring at the final chapter of my novel.  Something didn't seem right about it.  I have written it over and over again but I feel like it wasn't really what I was feeling.  Might have to start asking for help, could be the start of a newer and exciting project.  Will post up the details tomorrow to see if anyone is interested.


After the whole day staring at the screen, I didn't feel like dolling up for a casual family dinner. Ha! I threw on a long satin dress, this gypsy gown I absolutely love and over wear and a pair of bright velvet wedges. It was the perfect outfit to lift in up from the glooms... Then from 6pm onwards, my phone won't stop buzzing.  It's annoying, the emails and messages just keep flowing in.  Couldn't figure it out, was quiet the whole morning. 

Looked at wedding dresses and rings today... wow... have NEVER done that before.
Does anyone do that in their spare time?