Sunday, April 11

Lights in the dark

- Newest purchase: Bad ass watch for a really good price.  Favourite thing?  The glow-in-the-dark part.  I am bringing back summer floral prints with big digital watches. Awesome.

- My love for all things to glow in the dark... this was also bought today. I have the whole solar system in my room.  It's so dreamy.  I think everyone should have one.  Now, I have two: one with stars and one with the universe.  Incredible.

Excuse me, now going to lay in bed among the stars and planets.
And dream of all things to come true.

-          最新买的:一个很便宜的手表。最喜欢的东西?夜光的部分。我把夏天花朵的图案和大电子手表风带回来。多好。
-          我爱在黑暗里发光的所有东西。。。这也是今天买的。我的房间里有整个太阳系。真得很梦幻。我觉得每个人都应该要有一个。现在,我有两个:一个星星的一个宇宙的。很不可思议。