Sunday, April 11

Driving & junk food

Wearing: 2% x Marvel Comics jacket, Per Me chiffon dress, Zara batwing top, Gucci Backpack, Doc Martens

穿着:2% x Marvel Comics夹克,Per Me薄纱裙子,Zara蝙蝠袖上衣,Gucci背包,Doc Martens

Planned on spending the day in to finish up some work before the Easter holidays come to an end.  Had a big night last night, couldn't sleep till 4 am.  Poor me. Some of you know that I am not a big alcohol drinker, actually, I really don't like it.  Still, it's not very beneficial for when I do food tastings because when it comes to fine dining, the wine list is a very comprehensive part of the experience.  Hence, my sudden education in the reds and whites.  Surprisingly I really enjoy it.  After all, who doesn't love a woman who knows wine? :)


Random photos appreciating the beauty of Hong Kong, my beloved Gucci backpack, bling-bling Hello Kitty mouse pads, baby Ronald McDonald's and chilli fries.  Great day.

Those glasses? Are part of a project I am working on! It's really exciting.
Busy week ahead crammed with hotel openings, store openings and fashion shows.....
Oh dear.

拍下随意的照片去欣赏香港的美,我爱的Gucci背包,很闪烁的Hello Kitty滑鼠垫,小麦当劳和辣薯条。很棒的一天。