Tuesday, April 6


Wearing: Diesel men's tee, F21 tassle skirt, Prada tote, Disney Couture jewelry, As Known as Rue wedges
穿着:Diesel男装汗衫,F21 垂花裙子,Prada包,迪士尼Couture首饰,As Known as Rue高底鞋

Never ever wear lipstick but was feeling a bit adventurous today.  Had a meeting and wanted to look a bit more tied together perhaps? Well, Chanel lipstick and turn-worthy skirt later, I was frolicking ourside my apartment making my neighbors stare.  Awesome fun.  Completely quite unintentional but ended up looking like a cross between Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood?


That bad ass bracelet I am wearing? It was a lovely gift from someone who means a lot to me.  I love it because of the thought and effort it took into choosing a present that best suits me, it shows understanding of who I am.  And that kind of understanding is rare.... Before I forget to share, my hair is black, like black black... Makes me look serious?