Friday, April 23

Dusty rose romance

Wearing: Bruno Pieters dusty rose romper, Rue du Mail tank, Agatha jewelry
Location: Forest Bird, Central

穿着:Bruno Pieters灰蒙玫瑰连身短裤,Rue du Mail背心,Agatha饰物
地点:中环Forest Bird

Seeing this color on me reminds me of the hidden romantic side residing somewhere in me.  Most of you know while I am very fashion-forward, I stray away away away from pinks or anything flowly, frilly or romantic.  Still, I blame it on Carrie Bradshaw.  I am on a SATC maranthon, running from one season to the next.  Yes, I started from the beginning.  I seemed like a mini Carrie, except her thoughts were clearer and more concisely expressed compared to my constant ramblings. 

I am on the frontier of emotional realization, of my current standing in my on-going controversial reaction.  I decided that I couldn't find an answer to , "What is a relationship?" or "Why do we tend to allow one negative comments to derail all the positive ones?"

看着这颜色唤起我埋藏于心里浪漫的一面。你们很多人知道我穿得时尚的同时,我对粉红色或任何很飘逸,镶褶边的或浪漫的衣物都很抗拒。我还要把这归咎于Carrie Bradshaw。我正在追看SATC,一季一季地追。对,我从头开始看。我想一个迷你版的Carrie,除了她的头脑清醒一点,说话比我一贯的杂乱无章有条理一点。

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I figured out that the answers lie within me.  I can't expect to find answers within someone.  After all, we can change our surroundings, we can change our clothes but we can't change others.  I can only change myself.  I decided to trust in myself and enjoy all the lovely thoughts which come with my dusty rose colored clothing. 

The joy of bubbles in the garden, roses in the sun light, dancing in the rain, watching the sunset and lying in lush grass.  I have to learn that without trust, there is nothing else.  So, either I trust or I walk. 

I choose to take a risk, and trust...