Thursday, April 22

Casual colors

Wearing: Oliver Goldsmith glasses, Gap boys tee, Mango pants, Accessorize beach tote

穿着:Oliver Goldsmith眼镜,Gap男装衬衫,Mango裤子,Accessorize沙滩手提包

When I thought I was getting better, I woke up feeling all achey again.  Awesome... so decided to go somewhat casual and finally got to use my new Accessorize tote.  It's really huge, slouchy and comfortable- perfect for days to the beach and shopping for groceries.

当我在想自己在康复的时候,我起床的时候又感觉好痛了。太好了。。。所以决定要穿的随便一点,终于有机会用我新的Accessorize 沙滩手提包了。这个手提包真的很大,感觉懒散和舒服- 最适合去沙滩和逛超市的日子。

It's a bit different from my other bags but I think it's important to have a bag you can just grab and run.  Expect to see more of this in the summer when I cement myself at the beach!  Favorite part? The intricate beading and detail!

Going to sleep early tonight!