Monday, April 5


Proenza Schouler PS1 Large Croc

Proenza Schouler PS1 大鳄鱼皮包

I have always wanted this tote.  When I saw it in this color and make, I started craving for it all over again.  But with the price tag at over $14,000.  It seems pretty steep but this bag would be the bag of my dreams.


Pamela Love double claw connector ring

Pamela Love 双爪连接戒指

I jumped on the connector ring band wagon pretty early so I have a huge collection of rings which give no room for my fingers to move.  It's quite liberating to say, "Sorry I can't hold those grapes for you because I can't seperate my fingers."


Givenchy sandals

Givenchy 凉鞋

It's safe to say that I am slowly moving out of my black phase.  I knnow you can't ever go wrong with black, but what's wrong with going wrong once in a while? There are no real wrongs in wearing what you like.  Blabber aside, I saw these babies in Lane Crawford and thought they were a wonderful substitute for black platform wedges.  Summer anyone?



Went web surfing today and went to Accessorize to check out their store.  I was surprised at how much I liked.  Few items I would wear time and again?

今天上网,浏览了Accessorize 的商店。有点被自己喜欢的产品的数量吓倒了。我很少找到我会用完再用的产品?

Optical Ombre Stripe Kaftan- Perfect for lazy days at the beach and romantic dinners on the harbor.  I see myself wearing it with a fun bikini and shorts.  Wavy hair and sun, sun, sun.  Can't wait for summer to come around.

Optical Ombre Stripe Kaftan- 在沙滩慵懒的日子和在海岸边浪漫的晚餐最适合不过了。我可以联想到自己穿有趣的比基尼和短裤配这个。卷曲的头发和太阳,太阳,太阳。希望夏天可以快点来临。

Belize Woven Chain Bando Pack- When I am wearing a really simple outfit and cant be bothered with anything else, I flip my head upside down, use half a can of hair-spray and slap one of these things on my forehead.  I am looking for one that doesn't leave lines on my head.  Anyone?

Belize Woven Chain Bando Pack- 当我穿一套很简单的装束,不可以加佩其他的衣饰,我把头倒过来,用很多的发胶,然后加这个在额头上。我在找一个不会在额头上留痕的。有没有人可以给点意见呢?

Grandfather clock ring watch- I remember wanting one of these when I was younger and saw them in the watch store.  This is a revised version and in gold.  Nerdy come-back?

Grandfather clock ring watch- 我记得小时候想要一个,在钟表店里看过。这是一个新款的金色的。呆子流行回归?


One thing I want the most...