Sunday, April 4

Funny times

Location: Vale, Niseko
Wearing: Ksubi top, Doc Martens

穿着:Ksubi上衣,Doc Martens

Rumaging through my email and found a series of photo shoots of when I helped a friend out with some press photos.  He wanted a 'lifestyle and modern' shot of the new hotel we were in.  And this is a photo of me being 'lifestyle-ish and modern'?  It was a good photo session with lots of creative input and experimenting with light.  Very enjoyable and relaxed compared to half of the other ones I have had in Hong Kong.


Best thing probably was my 'make-up and hair'.  He had nothing to do with the photos and was standing in.  All of a sudden, "Valerie, don't move.  Your hair."
My buddy and I were laughing so hard when we looked through the photos. 

Fun times, I need more of those.