Monday, March 22

Wishing tree

Wearing: Zara tank, Uniqlo Boyfriend Jeans, LV monogram tote, tired face


First quiet weekend in Hong Kong since my travelling frenzy began.  It resulted in a rather tired, sleep-in, 'I-don't-want-to-do-anything' sort of weekend.  Tired of being dolled up and super styled, I decided it wouldn't harm anyone if I rolled around in non-matching clothes.  Still, managed to make a trip to the boon-docks of Hong Kong and paid a much-needed visit to the wishing tree.  Yes, I am quite supersitious.


-What do you think of that laundry line-up?
-Wicked hair do anyone? Yes, that unbraided part is part of the hair style and not itchy fingers?
-I would like a pair of demin jeans as distressed as that metal door.
-Grocery shopping anyone?

- 你觉得这样的干衣阵容怎样?

-做我想做的, 做我爱做的, 当我想当的人, 跟我爱的所有人在一起, 每一秒都是开心好玩的...

My wish is no secret.