Saturday, March 20

My one wish

Me on b-day night
Some have asked me about my birthday celebrations, whether I did anything spectacular or amazing.  I am pleased to say that contary to previous years, my birthday defined by a nice quiet dinner.  I feel older this time round, older in a good way.  Feeling that things could be different if I apply them on my own terms.  I admit that in the past couple weeks, I had some, no... many, down moments.  Moments where the comfort from understanding friends have helped me pull through from each emotional roller-coaster.  I have lots of thoughts running through my mind, mostly ones which question my own motives and intentions for sticking through chosen situations.


These cakes I saw in a Japanese bakery striked me as being so perfect, it looked almost fake.  Yet, it's that attitude of having the constant drive to do something to the best of one's abilities which makes me feel like perfection is just a tad bit closer.  Things never really work out the way we want it.  Somehow, I think if I keep worrying too much, I will spend all my time worrying.  And no time living.  Someone important to me said to me today, "Trust yourself and what your gut instinct tells you." 


I had a wonderful birthday.
I made only one wish.
And hopefully, that wish will bring me closer to you.
Despite all the signs, I am betting the losing hand.
Thank you.