Friday, March 19

Romantic scents

Love. Scent. Touch.
All senses and sensations devoted to drive us madly in love or madly insane.  Someone once told me, everyone could be given the same bottle of perfume and it would smell different.

I am an avid collector of perfumes, taking happiness in being able to choose the scent of the day.  Yet, it's been a while since I have acquired a new fragrance.  Introducing  Jeanne Lanvin, the newest fragrance to make it into my arsenal of perfumery.

Love how the sun caught the light in the bottle and tulle making it all the more romantic.
Who ever said romance is dead?

我是一个热心的香水收藏家,享受每天可以选择当天的气味。可是,我已经很久没有买香水了。现在为您介绍Jeanne Lanvin,我香水库里的新香味。