Friday, March 12

Graz Mulcahy Eyewear: Which one?

Graz's Ellery

My friend Graz Mulcahy is a super talented and revolutionary eyewear designer.  With a mind to sell affordable eyewear to peeps everywhere, his visions are 10 times ahead of any trend out there.  This is the first item on my want-list and is also the first one to be crossed off.  I have already placed an order for one in a beige-ish color.  

我的朋友Graz Mulcahy是一个非常有天分和创意的眼镜设计师。他的想法是以经济的价钱把自己设计的眼镜卖给来自各地方的人, 他的先见之明领先其他的趋势十倍。 这是在我的必需品列表的第一件东西,也是第一件被划掉的。我已经订了一副类似米黄色的。

Graz's Obstacle

Then, I saw these and I was stuck.  I mean... I can't possibly justify myself getting two pairs, can I?
So, if you had to pick one pair, which one would you pick? Graz is going to be the next big thing.  Sunnies say a lot about who you are.

What do you want to say about yourself?
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