Friday, February 26

Me & Coco Chanel

Wearing: Zara gloves, Alaia wedges, F21 turban

By all measures, I am wearing everything considered unattractive to the opposite sex.  These are only things considered cool by the educated fashion crowd.  Turban? Tweed? Full-length gloves? Two words, perhaps? Turn-off? Still, I could not resist the chance that I had a once in a lifetime opportunity and wear a turban and still be relatively normal.  Though it's not colorful or silkly like the ones strutting down the spring runway, I think this is an appropriate twist of the Prada trend?

If you have noticed, I rarely- if not, NEVER dress this girly.  I did it today because someone said to be this morning, "Women will never be equal to men." My reaction went something along the lines of .... *silence*.... *silence*.  Despite all the "logical" and "social" reasons for that kind of reasoning, I could not entertain that kind of conversation.  Hence, the power-dressing, Coco Chanel, 'I-can-take-charge-attitude'.

Been pretty sleepless and tired recently. 
Could anyone figure out why?!