Sunday, February 28

New Nail Colors

Here is a line-up of my newest new color acquisition .... pretty, eh? It makes my bathroom look girly and organized.  While I am a fan of Essie and O.P.I, I wanted a change and I found it when I went to Korea.  This nail line from The Face Shop, is economically friendly, rich in color diversity and most importantly, dries SUPER fast!

My newest favorite colors? Glittery gold & metallic black..

Photos: Google image

How often do you get to look like bling-bling queen from 50 Cent music video and turn around and have metallic cool Star Wars nails? For me.. used to be never. 

Now? I switch obsessively between the two.  50 Cent, Star Wars.  Star Wars, 50 Cent.
Still, my signature nail color? Red, all the way.  What's yours?