Friday, February 26

Inside my bathroom

Photos: Taken by me

Like everything in life, when repeated enough times... it gets really boring and mundane.  Hence, my attempt to bring different aspects of my life into my blog, besides the usual fashion photos.  Here's a chance to see things through the eyes of Valerie.  :) That lengthy introduction was a feeble attempt of me trying to justify showing my beloved readers my bathroom.  I was quite hesistant at first because it might generate responses like, "Carebears.... Val... Come on" or "Wow... that's a bit... interesting." But... I do take much pride in how quickily I girly-fied my bathroom. 

My newest show addition: Aldo "ass-kicking" heels, really gravitated towards them since they were really leather, bondage, fierceness all the way through.  When it came down to selecting between these and the leopard print botties, the sales told me that the booties were too "hooker-ish".  Trying to go for a new image this year...

-Before anyone asks, that bucket of golden goodness on top of my toilet is a brimming tub full of Pokemon toys.  Yes, they are mine.  Notice, I only collect the cute looking ones.  None of that Adakadabra, Conificulus blah blah blah. 

 My boyfriend.  THE boyfriend.

P.S. My bathroom makes an excellent studio.  Perfect lighting.
Shower shots anyone?