Friday, January 1

Valerie & the Chocolate Factory

Wearing: Zara men:s hat, Valerie wacky attitude (double dose)


Excuse the odd face, I wanted this to be my "fashionable picture" for 2009. Kinda odd but, I think its quite suiable about the way I want to tackle the following year. With an extra burst of attitude gusto and crazy energy. Completely guessing that it:s the best way to go?

Anyways, you remember how Johnny Depp shocked the world with his "Charlie & the Chocolate Factory" debut? I think I met the Japanese Willy Wonka. No joke. In Sapporo today and went to this 'cookie factory' where they supposedly produced one of Hokkaido's signature products, this wafer-thin cookie sandwiching a thin square of milkly white chocolate. Yum.

Behold the Japanese Wonka factory....


Yes. Those are tiny snowmen in the windows. How cute is that?
I was stopping myselt with excessive restraint to try and not step up to the ledge and steal one.


They even had this crazy display of teacups from different centuries. I thought the floral ones were too cute. Anyways, I think the coolest ting I saw there is this miniature model of the factory in a display cabinet. I was mumbling to myself, wow... this is cool mini men stirring in their chocolate pots. Then, I saw some Star Wars action happen and two 3-D kids were beamed into the box... My first reaction... WHOA. that:s not cool.

Actually, it kinda is.


My favourite part? The cookie assembling line where you see part? The cookie assembling line where you see the delicious cookies roll by simultaneously on conveyor belts. I wish I able to step in there and just nibble on the cookies.


This is one killer ico-cream cone with a dainty gingerbread star cookie stabbed into it! Like the dainty gingerbread star cookie stabbed into it! Like the original Willy Wonka, I was not able to meet the person behind such a wonderful idea for creating a land where it seems like all dreams come true.  Because my dreams came true, when I watche into this my dreams came true, when I walked into this tunnel of dripping chocolate.

Click here to see their official website and the most ingenius cookie design layout! crazy...



In Niseko now, tell you more tomorrow.
Happy 2010!

xx, Val

P.S. I have more Chinese readers now and there was a request to have a chinese translation. So, thanks to the fantantastic W.Chik, it:s been possible.  Thank you.