Saturday, January 2

My first day in Niseko

Wearing: Human Ware plaid shirt, Zara cotton tee, vintage velvet pants, Wow ring

穿着:Human Ware格子衬衫,Zara棉线汗衫,古典丝绒裤子,Wow戒指
I have always been a plaid girl.  Plain it on growing up in Seattle and all the grunge-ness going on but I love the soft flannel and all the comfort associated with this pattern.  When the opportunities came for me to rough it out in the cold harsh winter, I packed my suitcase full of soft, boyfriend size flannels and hauled off to the land of icy winters.  After my first night in Niseko, I am convinced that living in a small town is the right way to go.  Imagine this, I woke up this morning to the sound of the soft pitter-patter of snowfall.  Warm and toasty in my bed, was soooo reluctant to move anywhere else.  Mmmmmm....


So... A little bit about where I am right now.  I am going to be mentioning Niseko a lot in the next couple weeks.  It's a snow heaven for the best powder snow.  It is amazing.  No joke.  There are basically 4 ski passes and I have made it my mission to ski all of them.  Risky but not impossible. 


Went out for dinner with some friends and as I left the restaurant, looked back and came across this view of  the mountain when I turned back.  Amazing that the ski village is so close to the night action.  I imagine myself whizzing  around in the misty conditions of night ski.  How dreamy could that be? This mountain looks just as majestic at night as it does in the day time.


This is wet snow, also as known as slushie, annoying snow and snow that makes me slip in a cartoon character style.  Legs up.  Slightly annoying but I think it:s the most beautiful thing in the world to photograph.  I like the idea of the translucent-property of wet snow but yet.. it's so lethal. 


My dinner... nothing like a good plate of nachos to chill my stomach after a harsh day of walking in the snow.  Going skiing tomorrow early in the morning higher up the mountain with some snowboarding pros.
Think it will be good. 

Happy Snow.