Thursday, December 31

Best of 2009

Before the year whizzes by in a flurry of champagne, fun and bright fireworks, I want to take a moment to share my happy memories specifically of my pleasure in sharing my blog... So, allow me to present... the snips and snaps of 2009. A great year.
I have wonderful pictures to remind me of my gradual style changes and have the pleasure of sharing it with people around the world.

I have to thank my wonderful photographer who is exceedingly patient with costume changes, make-up sessions and the very unpunctual me. She is the primary reason for why you come reading... for the pictures. And without her to capture these moments to share, this blog would not be possible...

My sponsors are wonderful, for giving me all the support I need and approaching me for input and collaborative projects. It's my pleasure. I anticipate 2010 to be a good year ahead. These are my favourite shots of the year.

Thank you for making it wonderful.

love, Val

My Readers, thank you for sticking with me.