Thursday, January 7

Snow Fever

Wearing: Human Ware plaid hoodie, Envirosax bag, my awesome ski boots

穿着:Human Ware 格子有帽上衣,Envirosax 袋子,我漂亮的滑雪靴子

Blame it on the snow.  Blame it on settling down in a foreign county, but I just haven't had the time to share my wonderful journey.  Now that I am back on track, will be hearing from me a lot more.  Now settled in Niseko, the main ski town and I am a comfortable 10 minutes walk from the ski slopes.  It's really amazing.


Am finding it a bit odd that I don't get to dress up in my nice clothes and shoes because it just isn't functional to do so.  Tried wearing a normal pair of shoes instead of my snow boots.  Ha. The story goes like this.  Valerie slipped on the ice.  Fell hard.  And slipped again from slipping. Not cool.  Still I try hard to stay pretty! Look what I got from the wonderful people at Envirosax! Who knew recycling could be so fashionable?


Been to a couple nice restaurants and have tasting coming up.  Should be really good! Tell me you more about Niseko tomorrow.  Have to ski at 10:30 am.  Need to sleep...