Saturday, January 9

Bedtime Bear in Niseko

Wearing: Jil Sander pullover, Valerie's Stylish ski gear and Bedtime Bear

穿着:Jil Sander 套头衫,Valerie时髦的滑雪装备和就寝熊

It's a bit late for showing off Christmas presents, but some of you may recall that I really wanted Bedtime Bear for Christmas.  I know it's a bit childish of me to want something like that but I guess it constantly reminds me of the little girl instead.  There is one person in the world who knows me really well and he tells me, "Valerie, you are the biggest serious kid in an adult's pair of shoes I have ever met.  Funny thing is, you think people don't realise that but we all see how much you love fun."  That is what Niseko does to me.  It gives me so much time to think about things that otherwise don't matter.


Niseko is a tiny ski village in Japan, meaning there is not much to do aside from skiing, snowboarding and more skiing.  I love it.  It is so tiny, you could memorize the map of the place in a couple days.  So, I spend a lot of my days daydreaming and playing in the snow.  Lots of times, I cuddle with my Bedtime Bear.  Lovely.


Some of you are curious what I always wear my photos.  I never take off these two bracelets.  The silver chain charm bracelet is something my mommy bought me years ago during my period of heartbreak.  I constant wear it to remind me of better times to come.  My two Carebear charms are Bedtime Bear (I always have problems sleeping) and Wish Bear (I believe in wishing for the impossible...)


I know that my mommy is also exceedingly worried about whether I am eating properly in a a foreign country.  If you don't know, I am an extremely picky eater... like insane.  It's not even funny.  But, I want to show my mommy what I cooked.  Look Ma! I can cook.


Going to the Penguin Village tomorrow!!