Thursday, January 14

Scared of a petting zoo

I am a big fan of animals. Ones that are behind caged glass with layers of insulation seperating us, allowing us to admire each other, so close yet so far.  So, imagine the courage I had to muster when I went to the Hirafu zoo right next to the Niseko Alpen Hotel.  For a fee of 500 yen (USD $5), it's a great price to pay to see artic animals.  Look Mom! I petted a penguin.

Trust me, those ducks were scary.  They were the size of my thigh. 
Personally, I thought they looked really cold.  Poor duckies.

Rudolph.... why are you so sad....

Please note, the following is EXCEEDINGLY funny.

Me: I think I want to take a picture with the fox.
Yuko: Sure, I will take picture for you.
Caretaker: Please don't touch the face, sit down on the bench.
Me: Aaaaaahhh.... wait.
Caretaker: Ok.
Me: Ok, I am reaaddddy.... no I am not. Get it away.
Yuko: (laughing with streaming tears)
Me: ok... ahhhhh... nooooooooooooo (squeal)

As a result? This is the best photo I got with Foxy the fox.

Pathetic... anyways....

Met Henry the wise owl, tiny tot with Peter Rabbit and some Valerie children love.  Get outting overall.  Will try and muster up some courage over the course of the next week to get a proper photo with the foxy fox.  :)

Meal of the day?
Hale Cafe- Organic beef burger patty with fresh tuna salad.