Wednesday, December 16

Standing in Central

Wearing: Cecil Mcbee dress, Francesca Mambrini heels

Was persuing through my laptop trying to delete photos so I can install the new itunes... SO, I can install new applications on my i-touch.  I am so NOT tech savvy, this process comprised of me staring that the screen and asking the closest person next to me, "Is this what it should be doing?"

Hence, I stumbled onto these photos, a little project I did a couple months back involving several photoshoots! Was super fun and loads of work.  I was the one directing and styling the shoot.
BUT, the main reason I wanted to share was because I have the editorial shots on a disc but the ones in my lap-top were the candid ones, ie... the ones where I don't look normal. 

Pay attention....

I mean.. you can't blame me, I was standing in Central district on a Sunday morning where the streets were blanketed with staring people... Anyways, want to do a late thank you to the wonderful Willie and Hei who helped coordinate the whole thing..

Me & Wille (Hei is holding the camera I think. hee hee)

And the wonderful Kenneth Chau, woot woot! He is the most awesome photographer I know!  He specializes in self-portraits and create compelling and intellectually challenging pieces. 

Please visit his site here.

Here is one of his pieces... Amazing.. it's all him..

lovely memories. lovely friends... xx