Thursday, December 10

Stamp Overload

Wearing: Per me padded jacket, Vintage Escada purse, RAS booties, Fairydah ring :), Recyle me velvet skirt, H&M batwing top

It's been a really long week.  Trying to buy Christmas gifts for family, friends, colleagues and everyone else that doesn't fit into the catergory.  Then, trying to finish annual reports for the end of the year, packing for my one month trip away from civilization, trying to meet up with the friends before my social suicide... and then, keep on with my editorial duties which is super fun! Serious. Love doing it.

I love sending Christmas cards.  I used to send it to everyone I knew under the sun, which when I was younger, compromised of all the kids in 6th grades (including the ones I didn't like).  Now, I guess I know more people and it's impossible to hand write all the card unless I start writing in October.  So, this year, I narrowed down the list a bit, and still my tongue went numb from licking stamps. 

Last night, I spent the whole night writing addresses on envelopes.  The first one was neatly printed and the last one looked like it was written on a slant.  Poor friend whose last names ended with a Z.  I wonder what I am going to get for Christmas this year? Seems like as I grow older, I am harder to get gifts for.  I tend to know what I want and heart-felt gestures matter to me most.  But then again, I will be forever grateful if someone got me those Gareth Pugh wedges.....

Ohhh yes, I am on Karmaloop tomorrow... Some me some lurrrrve!