Friday, December 11

Emporio Armani Party: What to do?

Hmmmm.... is all I can say. I am not too exactly sure of what I am going to wear to tonight's party. Emporio Armani is one of those brands which excludes class and style but not too much of it. There is a delicate balance between super styled and stylishly fashionable...
Hence, my indecision about what to wear to the party. I am thinking, "no dresses" because tiny party dresses show that you try too hard.... Nothing flashy or snazzy because Armani is all about understated glamour...But, it's too corny to wear Armani to an Armani party. Maybe I am just over thinking it.

The challenge? Trying to look great without trying to look too great. My head is spinning with contradictory adjectives... Any suggestions on what to wear?
Thinking Burberry knitwear and some Vivienne Tam heels.....?