Wednesday, December 9

Gareth Pugh: Moving towards the light

Gareth Pugh Spring 2009

He is a genius.  Always will respect him as one of the most incredible designers to ever grace the planet earth.  It's one thing to be Central St Martins' brightest graduate, it's another thing to produce year after year, amazing creations. 

Mostly designers create lines that they 'feel like' or see fit.  But Gareth? He designs with heart, meaning and worldly philosophy.  These shoes represent a piece in next spring's clothing line, description of life moving from darkness to brightness. 

Good designers make you feel like what you are wearing empowers you and gives you meaning.  He does exactly that.  The idea is so pure and so real.  Moving from darkness to the better part of the humanity. 

I want those shoes. And I am so going to get them.