Wednesday, December 2

Mom is always right. :)

Wearing: See by Chloe top, Cotton On skirt, Express Faux jacket, AGATHA jewelry, Balenciaga tote, RAS platform booties

As  winters progress, my wardrobe color schemes tend to float towards  darker colors.  So now, I try to make a conscious effort to try and keep my winter clothes as color-heavy as possible.  Trust me, I was wearing all black this morning.  Not good.  This jacket is a gift from my mom.  She brought it about 5 years ago saying, "Valerie, you are going to regret if you don't buy this.  It's such an investment piece."  True enough, Years later, I love it.  It's warm and reminds me of my inner bear. 

I have a fascination with weird rings.  Rings that no one would ever really wear and physically make my fingers ache from uncomfort, weight and sharpness of certain metals.  Someone sent me an email telling me that my clothes are nice but rather boring?! Hmmm.... I am not exactly dressing to impress but this is my style.  I am quite subdued and occasionally, I enjoy the dress-up.  Usually, I don't venture outside of interesting jewelry.

AGATHA jewelry is awesome.  I am serious.  I am going to point fingers now but I recently received some gifts from a jewelry competitor.  The ring smells weird after a couple wears and the necklace makes weird scratches on the surface.  AGATHA is quite simple but with layers, it makes everything so much more interesting!

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