Monday, November 30

Bad skin

Wearing: Per Me sweater, Uno Top, AGATHA jewelry, Aldo Clutch, As known as rue wedges

Pardon the grumpy-ness and bad moods.  Can ask anyone I know, I have been bailing on appointments, cancelling dinners and going home early.  Funny thing is, I have been sleeping at 2 AM every night.  AM. Sheesh... Been having a stressful time, which led to other things like bad skin, bad attitude, bad hair. Bad everything. 

Part of me wonders whether anyone really reads what I write in between these pictures.  Sometimes, I would talk about where I bought my shoes in one post and in that EXACT same post, someone would ask me, "Where did you buy your shoes?" Huh? Haha... As much as this is a fashion update of what I wear on a daily basis, it doesn't distract from the fact that I am a writer by nature and I enjoy writing about things that are important to me.  And even if they are unimportant things, yet I chose to address these issues, they are deemed important to me in the end.

He calls it's the "Valerie syndrome".  I call it "wanting to do more." I hate being confined by what I do and what I have to do.  How can you be stressed and happy at the same time? Very possible.  I am kinda like that everyday of the week!

My photographer said to me today, "The pimple on your forehead is annoying. It's ruining the photos." 
I agree.

These are the following things I want right now:
- My pimple to go away.
-To drop 7 pounds.
-A chocolate crossiant.
-Ginger Tea.
-Longer hair.
-Gingerbread house.
-My  revlon red nails.
- Prompt e-mail replies.
-Oliver Goldsmith G1017 Flex Glasses
-Gareth Pugh anything. He's my fav designer of the moment.
-My man.