Thursday, December 17

Hazy from missing you

Wearing: Anna Sui chiffon top, AA leggings, Azzedine Alaia heels

I would say that for the past couple months, it's been tough on me... but I like it.  I enjoy the feeling of selflessly missing someone.  I have a feeling of zero expectation and at the same time, filled with endless expectations.  It is something I can depend it. 

I have developed a ritual to help me deal with my emotions.  To some, it may seem unfulfilling but for me, it's enough to tide me over to the next day.  I am aware that things aren't perfect and can't be for many reason.  Yet, it's a confirmation of love that keeps me happy and here. 

I will never complain about what I don't have, rather I will chose to appreciate what I do have and keep on being happy and in the moment.  I believe that you can't plan the future especially when it comes to two interactions between people. 

There are special moments that keep me positive of what's too come. 
This video reminds me of you.

I miss you.