Sunday, November 15

Why Marley & me?

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Many people have asked me where my blog name "Marley & me" comes from.  An explanation of this name would result in lots of giggles, laughs and perhapps some scorns.  Remember the movie with Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston? Yup.. I called when that movie came out and when I watched it with my man, I swore that the next pet we would have would be called Marley.   

I have dreamt many a nights about what kind of dog I would get and how I would play with this adorable fluffy creature. Yet, all this remaind a dream.  My mom hates anything tiny, flurry and remotely resembling a tiny teddy bear.  Weird but true.  Once, my cousin brought home a turtle, those tiny turtles you find in pet stores.  The turtle was placed on the table 3 meters away from her.  She screamed so loud, my cousin started crying.  Poor turtle.

Yet in Hong Kong, people rarely have pets and only some of my friends have the occasional dog. One of my buddies, Kev, has this bull-dog who is super cuddle-worthy and fat but that was it.  All my friends closest pet is their mouse, computer mouse.  The failures of living in a city. 

Imagine my happiness when my neighbor bought two identical looking toy poodles.  They look like tiny cuter versions of teddy bears.  One male, one female.  Super cute.  I went over today and couldn't get enough of them.  I especially like the male, he's the perfect gentleman. 

P.S. Don't tell my neighbor.  I am going to start calling him Marley so he will respond it that name.  Oh, imagine her anger.  I think she wants him to be called Boo Boo or Poo Poo?! Gay.