Tuesday, November 17

The ruins of technology

Wearing: Zara demin jacket (nicked from my photographer), Balenciaga tote, AGATHA jewelry, American Apparel Shiny High-Waist Legging

My computer is annoying.
I am practicing excessive restraint to not swear.
Someone please fix the internet.
Or fix blogger, it's making my text all funny.

I am not afraid to admit that I am a blackberry addict.
I can't be away from my e-mails for more than 5 minutes.
Without realizing, I am constantly stressed out and high-strung.
My man thinks it's adorable.
I think he is being obnoxious.

Today, made a decision to bring me to a land of peace.
Of beauty, snow and trees.
For one month of solitude.
How cool is that?
Can't wait till January!

What you doing for Christmas?

Also... Can you spot me featured on AGATHA's page?
Sorry it's so small... perhaps check them on Facebook .