Thursday, November 19

Meeting Cap & Pep

Wearing: Kenzo dress, AGATHA jewelry, Aldo boots, Jimmy Choo bag, Instyle coat

It's been a busy couple days and I am struggling to keeping on top of things, so let's briefly sort this out.  *sigh* hmmm.... I am super tired, my room is a MESS! And last night, my blackberry wasn't getting any e-mails, because it was full! grrr... I love this Kenzo dress I am wearing.  It's really slimming and makes my waist smaller than it actually is, don't be fooled.


Highlight of the day: Meeting Olivier & Florence

Image courtesy of SHIFT

We all remember the beginning of "Catch Me If You Can," by Steven Spielberg.  In fact, the first colorful minutes defined and set the mood for the rest of the movie: quirky and funny, yet real.  Hence, the excitement when I learned I was going to meet the designers of this mythical opening credits!  I had the pleasure of interviewing the designers of Caperino & Peperone, Olivier Kuntzel and Florence Deygas.  Frequently refered by the duo as "Cap & Pep", these tiny yet empowering dogs have taken Hong Kong by it's collar.  Olivier and Florence were invited to Hong Kong by JOYCE to design the interior with their whimsical and inspirational personalities. 

JOYCE interior

I must say, I was exceedingly captivated by the philosophy, ideas and workings of these tiny dogs.  Florence explained it in a way that it was a lifestyle, a way of living and handling these situations.  These dogs embody some sort of satirical view of things yet keep the humor light.  It's the modern way of quaintly expressing what's important and significant on our society.  In the brief time I spoke to them, I feel in love with these cute dogs.

Sharing beautiful pieces of work

These is my favorite piece...Regretfully it's out of my price range.  I am in complete adoration of this handmade rug they designed.  It's limited to only 8 around the world.  Woven from wool and another synthetic fiber, it took someone several weeks to make with a loom. 

Cap & Pep on my floor... I wish :(

See the beautiful rug behind us?
We all know about my desire to own a dog, I wish I could have Cap & Pep, they are too cute.  By the way, Olivier and Florence have a wonderful blog.  Please check it out, it documents Cap & Pep's travels, adventures and thoughts.  I love it! Check here.